The MRT Triangle: Morató-Roces-Timog Triangle

Manila's Restaurant & Entertainment Row and Business Center






Instructions for Posting an MRT Classified Ad:

Note: All items marked (*) are obligatory

*First Name: Obligatory (Fill-in) - A fictitious name is valid

*Last Name: Obligatory (Fill-in) - - A fictitious name is valid.

*Title of Ad: Fill-in - Obligatory (This is the heading of your classified ad so it is important to put a "title".

Image URL: Place the URL of the image/picture of your product. It can be left blank (no picture) but your Ad will not be very appealing to potential buyers. You can write the URL location of your picture and once located, write the URL in this "Image URL" box, or if you do not have a web site (wherein your picture is licated), we can host your picture too.

To host your pictures with us, follow these simple steps:

1.  Access our Photo Center.

2. Once inside Photo Center, upload your picture/s to our site.

3. Once your picture/s is/are uploaded, right-click on the specific picture and click on "Properties" - This shows the URL you should paste & copy to the Image URL" box. That's it!

Website URL: Optional

*Email Address: Obligatory (Fill-in) - It is important to post your e-mail address so potential buyers can contact you by mail.

Password: Optional

*Ad Content: Obligatory (Fill-in) - Together with the the Title of Ad and the Image URL, this is the third most part of your ad.

*CODE: Obligatory (Fill-in) - Enter the full content of the coded image to complete this form.

*POST ENTRY: Click to post your ad! And that's it!


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