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Paella for:
12 P 1,450
25 P 2,750
50 P 5,500
Paella Party Size: For 25  or 50 generous servings:

This auction is for an authentic Paella Mixta from Valencia (Spain), hygenically packed and ready to serve and eat!

Paella Mixta or "Mixed" means it contains both vegetables, meat (chicken, pork or both, per your specifications) as well as seafood.

Main Ingredients: Rice, chicken (can be substituted for pork), mussels, shrimps, green beans, red pepper, squid, etc.

Packaging Features: The utmost hygienic care in packaging is observed - The Paella comes packed in a hygenic & decorative  container, ready for the table or buffet.

Serving Tips: A Paella is traditionally served with: Salad (Ensalada Valenciana) composed of Lettuce, tomato, onion and green & black olives, dressed with olive oil and vinegar, and accompanied with a piece of French bread, a piece of lemon, All-i-Oli (Garlic Mayonaisse) & a cup of Spanish red wine (or Sangria) per person.

IMPORTANT: Please Read

Each serving (or portion per person) is quite generous, sufficient for a complete meal all by itself. If served with other food items or in a buffet, it can be sufficient for approx. double the guests. 

Perishability: Medium grade

Storage Requirements:

Stored in Refrigerator: It perfectly withstands 3 days without much loss in quality. Just microwave before serving.

Stored in Freezer: It can withstand 2 months without loss in quality but must be freezed right after cooking & cooling. Furthermore, it requires slow thawing in the refrigerator for 4 hours before micro-waving & serving.


Special Promotion:

Special Prices: Paella for 100 to 200  servings - Please contact us by e-mail.

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