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Information on our Paella: Ingredients, Portions/Servings & Presentation
Understanding Paella: Classification & Types
I. Dry Paellas: Cooked in Paella Pan & should be 'Al dente' II. Soft Paellas - Soft, spongy rices made in earthenware casseroles III. Soupy Paellas - Rice stews cooked in pots (calderos, pucheros, peroles & cazuelas)

Paella Mixta: Chef J. C. Galbis is world famous for paellas for  10,000 persons.

Paella Mixta Ciega: Very much like the paella served in Philippines & in Cuba.

Arroz al Forn (Arroz al Horno): Oven-baked rice)

Arroz amb costra: Oven-baked rice with an omelette crust

Arroz amb Fessols i Naps: Paella Stew with Pork, Turnips & Beans

Arroz con Conejo y Verduras: Paella Stew with Rabbit & Vegetables 

Paella de Marisco: Seafood Paella

Paella de Verduras: Vegetarian, all vegetables.

Paella Marinera: Marinara Paella

Arroz en Cassola al Forn:  Oven-baked

Arroz con Almejas: Paella stew with Clams

Arroz con Bogavante: Paella Stew with Lobster

Arroz a banda:  Considered the best paella by many gourmands

Paella de Coliflor y Bacalao

Paella or Rice Dishes from other Regions of Spain & from other Countries:  They are Non-Valencian Paellas & may not be called 'Paella': Arroz Brut (Palma de Mallorca - with a taste of chorizo Bilbao); Arroz a Banda Alicantina (Alicante): Served as 2 plate course: a soup (first plate) & a paella (second plate); Arroz a la Malagueña (Malaga); Arroz con Chocos (Huelva); Arroz a la Ampurdanesa (Gerona); Paella Parellada (Chef Parellada - Barcelona); Arroz a la Milanesa (Milanese Rice - Italy); Paella Cubana (Cuban-Style Paella).

Arroz Negre: Black Paella

Paella de Ajos Tiernos y Calamares

Fideuà: Noodle Paella

Paella de Boquerones y Espinacas: Fresh Anchovy & Spinach Paella

Paella means "Para ella" or "For Her" - It is a typical Sunday lunch dish traditionally cooked by the husband "for her", the wife.

Rice is "Arroz" in Spanish & "Arròs" in Valenciano (Valencia dialect).


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